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some ... or other definition: 1. used to refer to one of several possibilities when the exact one is not known or not stated: 2…. Meaning of some ... or other in English.

The differences in our approaches towards some or other aspects of the developments in the world situation will persist; in some or other questions this will inevitably show itself: we are two countries...

Many translated example sentences containing "or some other day" - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations.

"she advised her to buy some or other bread." I've come up with these two but neither feels right. "elle lui a conseillé d'acheter n'importe quoi pain" "elle lui a conseillé d'acheter n'importe quel pain".

There must be some other explanation. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

It needs either 'an' + other (another) or some + other. Basically, 'another' is just instead of, or in addition to, now. 'some other' is giving a feeling of being more vague as to the time, but also more...

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The phrase "some other" usually means an additional one or more of a different kind . Example: "I don't like these straight-backed chairs. Would you please show me some other style(s)?"

Another vs. Other vs. Others. English Grammar. Quick Summary: What is the difference... Have you got any other dresses, or are these the only ones? Some days are sunny though other days can be very rainy.

Some other definition is - a different : another. How to use some other in a sentence. : a different : another The main road is closed, so you'll need to find some other way to get there.

I also tried it with a "while" instead of "for" loop. So I concluded it's because of the "/" operator which doesn't work (although I still don't understand how it's possible) or it has something to do with the type...

Find 12 synonyms for "some other" and other similar words that you can use instead based on 2 separate Denotes something or someone different within the same category. Any except this one.

"Some Other Guy" is a rhythm and blues song, written by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Richie Barrett. First released as a single in 1962 by Barrett, itMark, Mary & Some Other People is an upcoming American comedy film, written, directed, and produced by Hannah Marks. It stars Hayley Law, Ben RosenfieldSome Other Stuff is the second album by American trombonist Grachan Moncur III recorded in 1964 and released on the Blue Note label in 1965. It was remasteredSome Other Rainbow is a joint memoir written by John McCarthy and Jill Morrell and first published by Bantam Press in 1993. It deals in separate chaptersabbreviated SOME So Others Might Eat (SOME), a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization SoMe, short for social media Some (film), a 2004 film "Some" (song)"Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" is a song by the English rock band the Smiths. Recorded in autumn 1985, it was first released on their third studioSome Other Spring Blues And Ballads is an album by Norwegian vocalist Karin Krog with American saxophonist Dexter Gordon recorded in Norway in 1970 and"Some Other Summer" is a song by Swedish pop music duo Roxette, written by Per Gessle and released on 17 June 2016 as the second single from Roxette'sSome Days Are Better Than Others can refer to "Some Days Are Better Than Others" (U2 song), a song from the 1993 U2 album Zooropa Some Days Are Betterof musical scores. Some are used to notate pitch, tempo, metre, duration, and articulation of a note or a passage of music. In some cases, symbols provideToufa (born August 13, 1983), known by her stage name SOFI (acronym for Some Other Female Interest), is a German singer and rapper. In addition to her sologoal, or supervise other players' activity. Multiplayer games allow players interaction with other individuals in partnership, competition or rivalrybooks") is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred to Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari and others. It appears in the form of an anthologyranging from sweets to marbles or some other small toy. On the evening of 5 December, Sinterklaas impersonators (often parents or close by family) bring presentsSome Other Country is the fifth album from the techno group Swayzak, released internationally on 27 August 2007. "Quiet Life" (feat. Cassy) - 7:25 "So"group 8", but in chemistry may also mean iron, cobalt, and nickel, or some other set of elements with similar chemical properties. In astrophysics andas palm and psalm; however, there is some regional variation. ⟨l⟩ usually represents the sound [l] or some other lateral consonant. Common digraphs includeSome Other Sucker's Parade is the fifth studio album by Del Amitri, released on 24 June 1997. It reached number 6 in the UK Albums Chart. The album's recording solidarity, support, regular business interactions, or some other type of social connection or commitment. Interpersonal relationships thrive throughexplanatory variables (or predictors) is assumed to be an affine function of those values; less commonly, the conditional median or some other quantile is usedfront of the code, meaning "Yes" to indicate it had a weather station or some other letter to indicate it did not. When international codes were createdor -mi (美 "beauty"; e.g. "Yumi"). Other popular endings for female names include -ka (香 "scent, perfume" or 花 "flower"; e.g. "Reika") and -na (奈, or 菜name into a mirror placed in a dimly-lit or candle-lit room. The name must be repeated three times (or some other specified number of times). The Bloodyposition is a position of the body that people use for sexual intercourse or other sexual activities. Sexual acts are generally described by the positionsphrase or expression, or some other symbolic representation. Its referent may be anything – a material object, a person, an event, an activity, or an abstractcolor or other medium to a solid surface (called the "matrix" or "support"). The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implementsthe borscht is done. Some recipes call for smoked meats, resulting in a distinctively smoky borscht, while others use poultry or mutton stock. FastingGlobus pharyngis or globus sensation is the persistent but painless sensation of having a pill, food bolus, or some other sort of obstruction in the throatand Other Pacific Islanders, 37% of the "two or more races" population (Multiracial Americans), and 46% of those self-designated as "some other race"distinguishing it from forms of caching such as buffering or page replacement. 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