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Перевод контекст "pay attention to" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: to pay particular attention, to pay special attention, to pay more attention, to pay greater attention...

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To the best of my limited knowledge, it should be "pay attention to something/somebody". If you insist on using "on", then you can resort to verbs like "focus" or "concentrate".

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pay attention — to listen to, watch, or consider something or someone very carefully I hope you re paying attention, because you ll be tested later. pay attention to...

@wenping "Pay attention on" is not proper English. You would say "Pay attention to _____" (e.g., " Pay attention to me!") or just "pay attention...

Pay attention is a common phrase; meaning: Heed, be attentive to It is always preceded by the preposition 'to'. Have a look at the following sentences.

: to concentrate on Pay (close/careful) attention to what she says. Statistics for pay attention to. Look-up Popularity.

Спряжение pay attention Глагол. pay attention / paid attention / paid attention / paying attention / pays attention.

pay attention (third-person singular simple present pays attention, present participle paying attention, simple past and past participle paid attention). (idiomatic, intransitive) To attend; to be attentive; to focus one's attention.

Please pay attention to the teacher. Max always pays careful attention to what is being told to him. Heed, be attentive to, as in Now pay attention to these instructions. [Second half of 1700s].

pay attention to. 138,000,000 results on the web. Some examples from the web: Please pay attention to this mater to prevent further problems. PLAYING AS JODIE When in combat, pay...

They paid no attention to (=ignored) him. → payExamples from the Corpuspay attention (to somebody/something)• I wish you'd learn to pay attention.• Until you start paying attention, that is.•

What are another words for Pay attention to? Mind, note, mark. If you know synonyms for Pay attention to, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words.

pay attention (to sth/sb). the centre of attention. In order to learn anything, you have to pay attention. It's hard to command the attention of 23 eight-year-olds.

I think you meant what is correct payed attention or paid attention. If a parent or teacher is saying this they would say to the child, "Pay attention." (which is present tense}.

Contexts ▼▲ Pay attention To pay attention to, or focus on, something closely

Pay attention definition: If you pay attention to someone, you watch them, listen to them, or take notice of them.... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Pay Attention is an album by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It was released on May 2, 2000 by Island Records. It reached #74 on the Billboard 200.[citationthe individual's limited-capacity attentional resources. Other variables play a part in our ability to pay attention to and concentrate on many tasks atas school, home, or recreational activities). In children, problems paying attention may result in poor school performance. Additionally, there is an associationPeople can choose repeatedly to re-focus on the same thing. This ability to renew attention permits people to 'pay attention' to things that last for moreAttentional control refers to an individual's capacity to choose what they pay attention to and what they ignore. It is also known as endogenous attentionHave You Been Paying Attention? (abbreviated on social media as HYBPA? and stylised on-screen as Have you been paying attention? in sentence case) isorigin could be from sailors in the 18th century who were reminded to pay attention to their peas (pea coat) and queues (pony tail). Another proposal concernsAdult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the psychiatric condition of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. About one-thirdnumber five on the US Billboard 200 and was supported by three singles: "Pay Attention", "Cadillactica" and "Soul Food". It was also met with widespread acclaimpublications are limited to members in appointed positions, such as the manual for congregation elders, Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock. SomeAttention management refers to models and tools for supporting the management of attention at the individual or at the collective level (cf. attentionIgnoring is the present participle of ignore meaning: "To refuse to pay attention to; disregard". Related specific tactics include: Tactical ignoringindustry, according to Reuters, big studios pay attention to aggregators but "they don’t always like to assign much importance to them". Book Marks iDreamBookswhat's already great about my life. Visualization has forced me to pay attention to what I really desire. And laughing is never a bad idea. If you ignoreRebecca. "Zappos Chairman Alfred Lin Asks HBS MBAs to Think Big, Follow Their Passion, and Pay Attention to Details". Harvard Business School. "Profile: Alfredor "Pay attention now, boy!" Claghorn would also make frequent jabs at Allen, using analogies which would astonish the audience in their ability to paintpay-attention-to-neglected-tropical-diseases/#1c513bba221a PLOS NTDs celebrates our 10th anniversary: Looking forward to the next decadebored; they fear risk, they refuse to pay attention to their deepest desires. He challenges Christian men to return to what he characterizes as authenticDistraction is caused by: the lack of ability to pay attention; lack of interest in the object of attention; or the great intensity, novelty or attractivenessJapan is a broad term that refers to single-edged swords from all over the world, and it is necessary to pay attention to the confusion in the vocabularyrefers to single-edged swords from all over the world, and it is necessary to pay attention to the confusion in the vocabulary. The katana belongs to thethe brain pay attention to some things and not others? Why do we remember some things and not others? And how can we use that knowledge to better organizeHave You Been Paying Attention? (abbreviated on social media as HYBPA? NZ and stylised on-screen as Have you been paying attention? in sentence case) isare not as aware of time or their surroundings and find it difficult to pay attention. People describe this subjective sensation as their mind being "foggy"soil every year. To have a beautiful flower pot, we should often pay attention to cutting branches, bending branches, creating a posture to have unique shapedresearchers analyzing hybrid regimes pay attention to the decorative nature of democratic institutions (elections do not lead to a change of power, differentquestions to the interview context/situation, and to the people, they are interviewing. There are several things for interviewers to pay attention to whileshow Curt all of their latest gadgets and forcibly shave his beard ("Pay Attention!"). Once she gives Curt everything he needs and sends him on his wayhas appeared on The Panel, Thank God You're Here and Have You Been Paying Attention?. Robbins is best known for The Comedy Company, portraying Kel Knightactor and author. Gleisner currently hosts Network 10's Have You Been Paying Attention?. Gleisner was educated at Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia.played, and/or an announcer warning the crowd. The crowd attending then pay attention to the marked 'kiss cam' video screen. Normally several consecutive couplesaddition to being a fighting weapon, rangatira would hold wahaika during ceremonies and speeches, especially if they wanted people to pay attention to somethingYou Been Paying Attention? with Ed Kavalee. Pang played Australian rules football for the Collingwood under-19s team in 1991. He then went on to play countryis a regular panelist on the New Zealand version of Have You Been Paying Attention? and is a panelist on the second season of The Masked Singer Australiapeople are able to see this phenomenon in the sky, although it is rather weak, and many people do not notice it until asked to pay attention. The dots aretend to pay more attention to their own ideas, however brainstorming requires exposure to the ideas of others. A method to encourage members to pay attentionIndian Women. Retrieved 2017-11-12. "Mallika Dua Says She Doesn't Pay Attention To Body Shamers". BuzzFeed. Retrieved 2017-11-12. "Myntra Fashion Superstar:did not pay attention to the brahmin's plight. This irritated and enraged the brahmin, who left the kingdom. Indra, the god of rain, was unable to bear thebroadcast in March 2020. Previous series of essays include 'Are You Paying Attention?' (2018) 'The Crisis of Care' (2016) and 'The Retreating Roar' (2014)attention-deficit disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder present in adulthood Continuous partial attention, constantly paying attention tomust of necessity pay attention to the seasons, the heavens, the stars, the winds, and everything proper to the craft if he is really to rule a ship" (Thespeeds on specially mapped highways. In order to ensure that the driver continued to pay attention to the road, they included Seeing Machines DMS, thisMale grooming refers to men paying attention to fashion and enhancing their own appearance. This interest has become increasingly apparent in popular culturepart of a system of messages... pay attention to it! Sending this message was important to us. We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture. This placefirst – "ear" means "attention" (because people use ears to pay attention to each other's speech). Now, when we hear the phrase "Talk to him; you have hisand reasoning. They have more to do with the mechanisms of how people learn, remember, problem-solve, and pay attention, rather than with actual knowledgepolitician to be reelected if he or she did not please the publics while in office. Issue publics are groups of people who pay attention to one particularof per incuriam means that a previous court judgment has failed to pay attention to relevant statutory provision or precedents. The significance of abased in Westminster. Doing so forced the British political class to pay attention to the state of Ireland and its people. In 1844, a future British primecauses from symptoms. Pay attention to the logic of cause-and-effect relationship. Make sure that root causes certainly led to the mistake by reversing

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